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The Alliance of Socially Responsible Agents was born from the premise that the real estate industry is full of good people who do great things in their communities but are not recognized for their good deeds. We believe if a real estate professional cares enough to volunteer, donate and support those in need, they should be recognized locally for that.

I’m Kevin Johnson, the Broker/Owner of a small real estate brokerage of three agents in Buckeye, Arizona. I founded ASRA based upon the time-proven (and self-proven) truism that “the more you give, the more you get.” It started in April of 2012 with the burning desire to create a way for real estate professionals to become synonymous with “doing good.”

What does helping others have to do with real estate? We real estate professionals are in the business of helping people, right? So contributing to our local communities is naturally aligned with what we do every single day. My hunch is that if you are interested enough to read this, you either are already “doing good” in your community or you want to help more and have a greater impact. Are you one of those? Yeah, I thought so.


Our philosophy is simple: “The more you give, the more you get.” Givers gain. This is a tried-and-true, universally accepted concept that we at ASRA feel is worth basing our entire business model on. Think for a moment of the many times you made a connection, did a good deed or reached out to someone who needed help. That didn’t go unrewarded did it? You might not draw a straight line from your contribution to an immediate benefit, but in general these good deeds come back to reward us.

Clearly, we did not create this philosophy, but we are committed to applying it to increase the success of our members – and not only in home sales or money but also in affecting people in the communities we serve. Our members understand that by helping others get what they want or need, they will be greatly rewarded.


Our mission has a three-part approach to our overarching goal of “improving the image of the real estate industry.”

  1. Provide a simple and systematic way for real estate professionals to be rewarded for helping those in their respective communities by building long-term relationships based on mutual respect.
  2. Help homeowners make a difference in their community by contributing to the cause that they care about most.
  3. Generate much needed funds for many nonprofits, schools, churches and clubs in our communities.


  1. Community: A sense of responsibility and contribution to our community that define our existence.
  2. Making a difference: Quantifiable proof that our efforts substantially improved the community
  3. Integrity: To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.
  4. Fun: Having fun and celebrating small successes in our journey to achieve big things.
  5. Innovation: To come up with new creative ideas that have the potential to change our world.
  6. Triple Bottom Line: The simultaneous pursuit of returns on investment in three areas- financial, social and environmental.


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Why would agents join the ASRA community?

  1. Make more money by helping an entirely new stream of contacts get what they want
  2. Create long-term client relationships built on loyalty and common interests
  3. Elevate the agents’ image by showcasing their commitment to improving their communities

Opportunity for Respect

Realtors have been listed as the LEAST respected profession in the United States.

Harris Poll #86, August 2009

“Everyone in real estate has to determine how he or she is going to make a living. The most successful practitioners also figure out how they can make a meaningful impact.”

Realtor Magazine, March 2014

Thousands of real estate professionals do great things for their communities without receiving credit. We see them as ships without a port.

ASRA is the harbor for those community-minded professionals who deserve recognition for making their world a better place.

Get Started


Here are just some of the donations to which ASRA Agents have been fortunate enough to give

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Why join ASRA?

We have spent over two years creating a complete network that addresses all the key components:

  • Marketable differentiation –– Elevate your image in your market as a caring and trustworthy agent using our tools to prove that you are a true community partner.
  • Proven strategy –– We have immersed ourselves into the nonprofit world to fully understand their needs are and how we can address them – so they want to work with ASRA agents.
  • Marketing and PR –– We provide the tools, channels, expertise and help to broadcast the message that sets you apart from other agents in your area.
  • Nonprofit/Agent matching – Our system matches agents with nonprofits in their area. We have integrated the largest nonprofit database in the world into our system so our agents are just a click away from creating new partnerships.
  • Referral Network — We have created a complete referral system so agents can send an receive referrals from within the system. This creates referral income and the possibility for the homeowner to make a more substantial donation.
  • Legal and financial research — We have done the due diligence to determine potential legal and financial donation pitfalls and opportunities
  • Greater impact as a group — Together, we can make a greater impact than individuals trying this on their own.

Become a part of a network of real estate professionals committed to improving our communities one sale at a time. Set yourself apart by proving your commitment to making the world better and build an entire new stream of customers eager to work with you. Now, you can make a difference. Will you? Get Started today!